Barely two years in the business CreaM is now ready to showcase original pinoy content made by Filipinos for global release. On 22 March, CreaM President Ms. Imee Marcos will be in Hong Kong to attend the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Ms. Marcos will be looking for partners in distributing and marketing CreaM’s products, namely, Fly Aswang, Likas Ligtas: Gubat at Dagat, Barefoot Beauties, and PINTA*KASI.


Fly Aswang Poster

The 24 minute Fly Aswang tells the story of a three Filipino-American daughters who find themselves trapped in a deadly aswang (vampire) ritual on their way to Manila. All hope now lies in their mother Bessie and her family’s mysterious supernatural history. Fly Aswang is directed by Mark Galvez and produced by Ms. Imee Marcos in cooperation with Mina Caliguia of Artfarm Asia. The script was written by Mina Caliguia and Karl de Mesa from a story renowned international Filipino model Bessie Badilla del Castillo, Ms. Imee Marcos, and Mina Caliguia.





Ligtas Likas Poster

Likas Ligtas: Gubat at Dagat (Zipzappers of the Tree and Sea) is a two episode short animated film about a young girl named Maya and her allies, Bobot the compactor-robot and Tatang the nature-whisperer, together they fight off the enemies of the environment. Each episode will tackle on how to conserve the rainforest and the ocean. The story and screenplay were written by Ms. Imee Marcos, Peter Mayshle and Ann Angala Shy. It is directed by Nasser Luceñada and co-directed by Excy Salavarria.






Pintakasi Movie PosterPINTA*KASI is about a young painter who arrives at an island made of garbage. He uses the island and its denizens as his canvas and fights to protect the island from forces that threaten it. A mixed media film that combines elements of 2D animation and a special kind of hybrid animation with live action, PINTA*KASI is envisioned to be a groundbreaking film in an unprecedented scale that has never been done before in the Philippines. Live action sequences will be directed by Hans Bacher, Ms. Imee Marcos, Nelson Caliguia, Aya Topacio and Paul Alexei Basinillo. The animated scenes will be directed by Nelson Caliguia for 2D and Excy Salavarria for flash.


Barefoot Beauty PosterBarefoot Beauties, a mixed media documentary on International Icon and former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos. The documentary, a fresh take on the will be handled by multi-awarded director Mark Meily and Imelda Marcos herself. It will combine live action footage with roto-animation.